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Cooperation in the Center of Sleep Disorders in the university:

High prevalence of sleep disorders and the significant effect of these disorders on the physical and mental health has brought this issue to the growing attention of the medical community, so that today, there is rarely any hospitals without a center for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Moreover, the intense effect of these disorders on occupational errors and incidents has been the reason for the occupation-related sleep disorders to become a branch of day-to-day sleep science. According to research, sleep disorders have a significant impact on the productivity and quality of the employees’ activities. Increased rate of occupational errors, lack of concentration and learning disorders, adverse effects on the behavior of workers, increased absenteeism and loss of motivation and job satisfaction are among some other complications associated with sleep disorders. Evidently, better recognition of these disorders by the medical expert while examining the patients or by the patient for early referral and paying attention to the symptoms of these disorders could result in more accurate diagnoses and minimize delay in this regard. Delayed diagnosis is a serious issue in developed countries in the case of sleep disorders. With this background in mind and given the importance of early diagnosis of sleep disorders, the Sleep Clinic of MUMS was established in 2008 in Ibn-e Sina Hospital of Mashhad. Cooperation of the Department of Occupational Medicine with this center began in 2013, and the center has been reconstructed and developed during the recent years.




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