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Contract with large factories and industries to present occupational health services and performing tens of research projects with the cooperation of the related industries:

Workforce constitutes the production arm of the society, and economic progress is based on the skills and wellbeing of the workforce. Work-related illnesses impose a heavy burden on the national economy due to the treatment costs, causing disabilities, work absenteeism and loss of time. On the other hand, paying attention to the wellbeing of workers and their health-related affairs could diminish the mentioned costs in the long run, thereby enhancing productivity and economic development. Occupational illnesses are associated with pain, suffering and significant losses for the workers, businesses, social security funds and communities. According to the estimations of the International Labor Organization, the deaths caused by work-related illnesses in workers are six times higher than the deaths caused by work-related incidents. Team work and cooperation between workers, labor unions, employers, professional health experts, physicians engaged in industries and experts of occupational medicine are essential to the adoption of the related policies and national preventative plans for occupational illnesses in order to maintain and promote the health of the workforce. Furthermore, cooperation between industries and universities undoubtedly lays the grounds for achieving the mentioned goals. Some of the most important strategies to prevent occupational illnesses are: 1) identifying and controlling the disease-causing agents in the work environment, 2) recruitment of workers in proportion to the job, 3) assessing the health of workers by performing prior and periodical examinations, 4) specific examinations. In order to attain these goals and given the importance of maintaining and promoting the wellbeing of the workforce, the Department of Occupational Medicine at MUMS has made contracts and agreements with various industrial factories in order to present optimal services to the employees of these fields and prevent the incidence of work-related illnesses.    




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