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Best selected clinical department of the School of Medicine in terms of “Designing a Standard Test for the Promotion of Assistants” in Shahid Motahari Festival of MUMS (2016)

Shahid Motahari Festival is held with the aim of acknowledging educational processes, promotion and development of current educational processes in universities by codifying the related standards and determining assessment and validation criteria for the processes, development of processes, and the innovation and presentation of new educational processes. The secretariat of this festival is located in the Center for Affairs of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education Educational Deputy Faculty Members, starting its activities with the following goals:

A)    Identifying optimal university processes

B)    Promoting the current educational processes in universities

C)    Innovation, modification of the processes, and educational equipment and materials

D)    Paying attention to the implemented educational processes in the universities and higher education institutions for their acknowledgement

E)    Identifying and designing new educational processes and introducing them as the standards on the level of university, school and higher education institutions

F)    Fostering a proper scientific environment for the presence of the professors in the fields of science and knowledge production as a world reference in books and journals

G)    Creating a healthy competition in the science production across the country

H)    Creating new job opportunities for university professors and educational institutions

I)     Developing the market for educational processes for investment and directing investment toward the production of science

J)     Developing the market for the presentation and interaction of educational services

With the efforts of its faculty members, the Department of Occupational Medicine at MUMS was ranked first in Shahid Motahari Festival (2014) in the item of “Designing a Standard Promotional Exam”.    



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